Magic Gardens

I went to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens and it was more amazing than I ever could have imagined. The Magic Gardens are a large indoor and outdoor mosaic artwork by Isaiah Zagar. I went in with my camera and no high expectations, not because i didn’t think it’d be good but because I didn’t exactly know what it was.

The mosaics were beautiful. I really appreciated how in any direction I looked there was art even when I looked up there was more on the ceilings and on the roof; you’re just surrounded in this little surreal world. I loved the people images he made within the tiles. The people and faces were draw so unique; they’re semi-abstract which really worked with the mosaics.

My favorite part of the whole experience was the quotes and words throughout the mosaics. It was like Zagar was able to put in his own secret messages; the things he wants to say to the world.  The quote that popped up throughout the whole place multiple times was, “Art is the center of the real world.” I think the quote speaks for itself.

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