The Nextival

Something that I love about my hometown of Crownsville, Maryland is that it is home to the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds. The annual county fair is such a great event, so I love the fact that I am literally just minutes away from it. The Fairgrounds have also been hosting some really neat events lately like the Maryland Chicken Wing Festival and the Nextival. I just attended the Nextival for the first time last week, and it was definitely a cool place to spend the day at. It is basically a festival filled with a ton of bands playing live music, a large selection of cool food trucks, helicopter rides, and walking around looking at all the artsy stands and shops set up.

There was some pretty cool art set up along the way that I just had to check out like some jewelry and painting shops, and even a face and body painting station. What caught my eye most was actually a clothing shop that had a hippie-inspired, decked out bus that it displayed the clothes on and inside of it. I of course went and walked around the entire bus to get a good look, and I just loved all the colors and images she had put on it.

There was such a cool vibe about the bus and it’s artwork, and it seemed like a really neat concept to me that people can put art on anything and it can be displayed anywhere, even moving. There is no doubt I would take a double take if that bus passed me on the highway! I love that. Art is a great way to express yourself, and the lady who owned the shop seemed to match her bus design perfectly. It really showed who she was as a person even without her being there, and I really enjoyed seeing that. I had a really wonderful time at the Nextival checking out the cool art and listening to great music all day long. I wonder what cool things I will see at the Nextival next year.

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