Glass Etching

Hello all, I am back with another fun project I have been working on. I am still obsessing over my Cricut. I want to show you what I have recently been creating with it.

I used it for my key chains and stickers prior to this but wanted to do more. I decided to begin… drum roll please… Glass Etching. It is sooooo much fun. I love it. I use my Cricut to cut vinyl stencils to be used on the glass.

Next I made a trip to my second home… AC MOORE. I love that place. I found some Amour Etch, and ran home to begin crafting.

I decided to personalize some baking dishes to be used as gifts with mother’s day coming up and another party I have to attend.

Here are my final products:

McDonald 1

McDonald 2

McDonald 3

I love trying new things and I am beyond happy I tried this. It is a lot easier than it sounds. Get yourself to a craft store and try it out. You would be surprised with all the crazy new things you can create.

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