Identity Pies

This past week, a classmate and I gave an Art Therapy directive geared towards LGBTQIA+ community and those who struggle with identity. Focusing on teens or anyone at a time in their life where they begin to struggle with coming to terms to who they are, we came up the idea of a pie chart type directive called Identity Pies!

The lesson behind these identity pies is to bring together all of the loose pieces and start fitting them together. There are a lot of stressful subjects that comes along with finding out who you are and self-acceptance. Some of the sections shown in the example below are questions, support, labels, self-acceptance, and expression/coping mechanisms! These are only just a few that could be used, but can fit more for the LGBTQIA+ identity pies! The key to these created pies is to choose what pieces play a role in your life and how much of a role they serve. This way both the art therapist and the one creating their pie can get a visual of where their supports lie, how often they think about questions, etc. Each of the students created pies that fit them the best and each pie had their own sense of identity to it.

identity pie

Overall, maybe with some tweaking, I think that this art directive could be extremely helpful to those who are finding out who they are and struggling to fit all of their pieces together to complete the puzzle. Situations like this are not always understood by all, but I’m glad to have presented a directive that could eventually help a questioning teen out!

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