Redesigning the Classics

Recently, CMYK club (my favorite club, you should totally join!) held a show called Redesigning the Classics, and it was super fun!

For the show, you were supposed to choose a classic book and redesign the cover in a more modern way. I chose Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. It was the first novel I remember reading in high school so it holds a special place in my heart.

Wuthering Heights-01

My design!


I knew I wanted to use the tree because I feel like it is an important part of the book. I feel like the simplicity of the design (using only two colors and the outlines) is what keeps the design modern. (Look closely, there are two people in the trunk of the tree! Everyone misses that the first time!)

I personally am very proud of myself for completing a design for the show. This is the second show/gallery that I’ve done since being at Marywood. I love all the awesome opportunities I’ve gotten since being here!

Everyone that participated in the show did an awesome job! I love seeing everyone’s different styles and designs come together to solve the same problem. It’s always so cool!

The opening reception was on the second floor of the Learning Commons. You can still go check it out while it’s still up! I wouldn’t want to miss it if I were you!


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