Slice of Print

     Hello everyone! This week I will be discussing a very cool printmaking technique that I just finished learning about in printmaking class, called Enos Printing. Enos printing was started by American Illustrator and political cartoonist Randall Enos. 

     Enos printing consists of making a bunch of prints in any color ink you’d like and on any color paper you’d like. Once you have enough good prints, you cut out appealing pieces and then you collage them into a beautifully unique masterpiece! I immediately knew I would love this project because it was different than the regular printmaking I had become accustomed to this semester. Don’t get me wrong, I love regular printmaking, but I also love trying new things! For my project, I carved a Scottish Highlander bull with flower horns into a linoleum block. Next, I printed lots and lots of proofs from my bull so I would have many colors to choose from. After I let them all dry over the weekend, I proceeded to slice up ones I deemed usable from my batch of prints and started pasting to my base print (I chose a bright primary blue as my base print and layered the slices of the other prints on top of it). After that was done, I balanced out the color by putting a green triangle in the bottom right corner and a yellow strip on the right side of the print. 

     I went into this project without a plan and unsure of what I wanted to create with this technique. I came out of it with a finished piece I am pretty happy with! (see down below). I hope to use this method of printing again because I really enjoyed it! See you guys next week, happy printing!


My finished product!

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