Glazed Over

Getting pieces out of the glaze kiln is always fun. A bit stressful admittedly, but fun anyway. You hope that things got loaded good and wait to see the result when the firing is done. The thing about glazing is that it can truly make or brake a piece – could have been a really nice piece you were working on for a long time and then as soon as you mess up the glazing. . . there is no going back.

This was the end look of an 8 set of plates I made earlier this year. A rustic / homey style glaze ends up making them seem more suited for a cabin then fine dining but the plate itself could have been for any purpose. If you imagine them being glazed in a super clean-cut style with maybe white and black then they’d have a much more modern look to them. Just goes to show how the surface of something can really change its appearance.

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