Illustrator Study: Norman Rockwell

Hello everyone! In this weeks’ blog, I will be talking about Norman Rockwell since he is another influence that inspires my creative spirit.

Who is Norman Rockwell?

Norman Rockwell was born February 3rd, 1894 in New York City. At age 14, he enrolled in The New York School of Art in order to fufill his dream of becoming an artist. Then, he left to later study at The National Academy of Design. Rockwell found success early in life, he first got commissioned to do Christmas cards and later got commissioned to do work for the Boy Scouts of America. Rockwell was a well known painter and illustrator.

My Favorite Norman Rockwell Pieces

Illustration of a man drawing a self portrait of himself
Illustration of a Man inspecting a Painting
Illustration of a Law Student Studying
Christmas card with Santa and Elves

The reason why I find Norman’s pieces to be influential for me is because of the way he does his poses. He puts the subject matter into interesting and appealing poses and that’s what draws me to his work. I also love the way he uses color, it’s very bright and vibrant and it definitely gets the attention. I also love how his lines are barely visible and I aspire to have that skill.

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