Family Adventures

Hello everyone! I hope all is well! Recently I’ve been on an adventure with my little sister. We didn’t go far, but we went somewhere new together.

We went down by the creek by my house. I wanted to take her down there to see the different color leaves in the water. She took this trip to the next level by walking down the creek bank.

Because the water was so low when we went down, she was able to explore more than I thought. She was so excited to explore that she ending up falling in, luckily it was one of the warmer days we experience.

Even after she fell in she wanted to explore even more. While she was exploring I was taking picture of artifacts I found in the water and I also snuck pictures of her while she was splashing in the water.

Here are a couple photographs I took of my little sister exploring.

That’s all for this week! Stay safe and Healthy!

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