Glazed Pieces in Ceramics III

Mug and Small Vase

I took Ceramics II in my fall semester, and one of the last pieces I made was a sculpture, a hole in the shape of a heart on her chest. That specific sculpture, seen in the cover of this blog post, took a handful of hours of dedication to make and a good chunk of clay as well. It was fired during that specific semester, but I haven’t touched it until this past week because of my focus on other projects. A chunk of the shoulder was blasted off in the firing process, leaving a jagged cut that frustrated me. With the help of my professor, the broken part of the sculpture was smoothened and evened out; the glaze I would spray onto the sculpture would help refine it. 

From my previous blog post about my Ceramics III class, the pieces I glazed have finished being fired, the results coming out pretty adequate in my opinion. I played around with double-layers of different glazes to see the effect it would have, and I wasn’t disappointed by the unique variation of Angel Eyes my small vase and mug had. Unfortunately, my mug had some complications, given that some of the glaze did not stick to the surface, almost melting off; my vase survived the process which I am grateful for. 

In addition to those pieces, I had three additional vessels I glazed (as seen below), also playing around with layers of different glazes. Personally, I really liked how the middle vessel came out, mostly because of the red and pink color that came out. 

Trio of Glazed Pieces

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