Glazing Days

So recently all of my posts have been about work I that I did last semester, but, I am happy to say I was finally able to get in the studio this semester and get back to working on ceramics! As eager as I am to get on the wheel (which I will most definitely  be doing this week) I had to prioritize finishing up the pieces I made at Peter’s Valley this summer. The process for these pieces has been overly drawn out because the workshop only lasted long enough to get some of my pieces in the bisque fire. These pieces still needed to be glazed and put in the gas kiln for the glaze fire. With that being said, I set aside my afternoon last Thursday to get some much needed glazing done!.

Glazing is usually my least favorite part of the process, mostly because I’m impatient and want instant results. The thing with glazing is that you could glaze your piece in a red glaze, and once it comes out of the kiln it could turn a dark blue. With high fire glazes, what you see is most definitely not what you get. When the pieces are fired to such high temperatures different chemical reactions occur to change the color of the piece.

I had about 10 pieces to glaze, and of course I didn’t want them all to come out the same.  I like to experiment with different glazes and find new combinations to use. So, glazing all of these pieces took me about two hours to complete (who would’ve thought). So in a few weeks I hope the studio gets a glaze fire going and then I’ll be able to show you my pieces! Check back soon!

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