Summer Creative Writing Camp

Back in June, I mentioned my excitement for Marywood’s Summer Creative Writing Camp. I did not get the chance to write a follow up about my week assisting the camp so I would love to do that now!

Looking back, I am beyond grateful I took that opportunity and really stretched outside of my comfort zone a bit. I was very fortunate because I was surrounded by some of the English department’s faculty and alumni, such as Dr. Agnes Cardoni, Cheryl Kashuba, Celine Carlier, and Carlie Nicastro, who were all very welcoming and simply fabulous! I specifically assisted along side of Carlie Nicastro, who I actually had as a professor for my English 160 course a few semesters ago.

creative-writing-campWe worked with fifth and sixth graders, who each had an imagination that was out of this world. The students really seemed to have a great passion for writing. Each student was quite unique and had a natural gift towards writing. I truly felt inspired myself by the students, which is something I could not be any more thankful for!

Personally, I was very proud of what the group came up with for their mystery and memory inspired tales. As an Art Education major, working with these highly creative students gave me a better appreciation of what there is to come for my future teaching experiences. This was something I would definitely, without a doubt, want to participate in again!



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