Goal Setting

This time of year is perfect for me to reflect on what I’ve accomplished so far and begin thinking about what more I want to accomplish. With the start of the semester just a couple of weeks away, I’m starting to look forward to the rest of my year spent on Marywood’s campus, which means I’m beginning to set my new goals. I’m a firm believer that setting goals is the most important part of reaching goals. I set goals for everything: running, my grade point average, how early I can complete an assignment, etc. Why should my art be any different?

With this upcoming year being the first time since 8th grade that I only have one art class that meets twice a week, I’m nervous that I’m going to stop making art outside of the classroom. I’ve already seen this starting to take place over the summer and I don’t want it to continue.

So, like everything else, I’m setting goals. As of right now, my goals are to draw in my sketchbook more (at least twice a week), to start documenting my ideas, and to make at least three major pieces of art outside of the classroom this semester.

SKETCHBOOK – Drawing in my sketchbook used to be one of my favorite things. As I’ve gotten older, though, it just feels harder and harder to spend time with it. I’m hoping to feel more comfortable letting myself draw just for the sake of drawing. I find my creativity is much more fluid when I am spending more time with my sketchbook.

DOCUMENTATION – I want to start documenting my artistic ideas because I’m sick of forgetting them the next day. This goal is pretty straightforward.

3 MAJOR ARTWORKS – Throughout the next semester, I’m also going to push myself to make three major pieces of art. The word “major” might sound kind of misleading, but all I mean by that is the works have to actually take time and diligence to complete.

I’m getting very excited for the upcoming year and seeing how I measure up to my goals.

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