Going to Boston

This past weekend my grandmother and I decided to take a trip to Boston. While we were there, we stopped at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Although small, the museum was packed full of amazing paintings, sculptures, and a variety of other pieces. There was a wide selection of artists with galleries dedicated to ones such as Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet, and J. M. W. Turner. I think this would be a great place to go for art students if you are looking for something to do in Boston! The price of admission is $25 dollars per person, with a slight discount for students.

It is so easy to find, you can hop right on the subway or even take a cab. You could spend hours walking around the few floors this museum has. There is even a restaurant located on the center of the first floor if you are feeling hungry. Galleries include artwork from Europe, Ancient Egypt, America, and parts of Asia. There is also a smaller gallery dedicated to contemporary art.

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