Personal Projects 

While I’ve been busy with other projects for school and clients, I’ve also been trying to finish a painting for myself. It was originally a drawing that I had done on paper a few years back. One day I had found that drawing and decided to make it a painting. It’s been several months and it’s not completed yet but I wanted to share the progress so far. Transferring a drawing to a canvas takes time especially when trying to change the scale of objects. That’s where I struggled the most and what took me the longest to do.

The painting has an astrology feel and I made it so that the angles and proportions are exactly realistic. I did this because I wanted to be more of a fantasy painting. The words around the painting are a Latin quote by Cicero. The English translation is “There is no easy way from the Earth to the stars.” I just love Latin because it’s a base root of languages today and unites different cultures. I really hope to have this painting done soon so I can show the finish piece and hang it up in my bedroom!

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