Goldmark Gallery Broadcasts

Hello!  The semester is coming to a close frighteningly fast and it’s almost hard to believe all the projects I’m working on will be done on time.  It seems like the breaks I take are to find the next podcast or documentary to have on while I work.

A platform that I recently discovered is the Goldmark Gallery.  While the shop itself looks fascinating- displaying beautiful ceramic works by master artists, as well as paintings, sculpture, prints, and live performances by musicians and poets- it is a world away and I don’t see myself getting to the UK in the near future.  Lucky for art fans in the US, the Goldmark Gallery has an incredible selection of broadcasts at its own Goldmark.Tv (though all of the videos can be view on YouTube as well).

I’ve been having an excellent time browsing the documentaries and gallery walk through.  It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to see the art, if not in person, in these beautifully filmed videos.  It’s easy to get lost in these galleries but it’s also wonderful inspiration and motivation, especially the ones that talk about far off places and artist communities.

This video is one of their most recent gallery updates and gives a good look at some of the pieces that are moving through the Goldmark now.  The host walks the viewers through select pieces in great detail- my favorite being the story behind the bronze piece (I don’t want to spoil it for you, take a look!)

I imagine that anyone can find an interesting video from this gallery.  There are so many artists and mediums covered- from a look at the day in the life of Lee Kang-hyo to a new video about the photograph works of Picasso’s (you can check those out below). You can explore more here!

What’s Playing – Well, it seems like this whole post is a What’s Playing of sorts 🙂 Keep exploring!

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