Student Spotlight: Ty Jackson

Name:  Ty Jackson

Year you’ll be graduating: Class of 2024

Major: Studio Art – Illustration

Minor(s): Graphic Design

I am majoring in Art because it has always been my passion. Dating back to very early childhood, I was always sketching, and if I wasn’t doing that, I was always using MS Paint on my mother’s old computer. It’s a habit that I still have and want to continue pursuing as my profession. When I found out Marywood had its own Art program, to say I was excited is a very heavy understatement, and I feel that I made the best possible choice enrolling as a student here.

The kinds of things that inspire me are seeing other people’s work. I love to learn about the thought process behind each and every piece I see, how it all came together, and what inspires the artists behind them. Getting to know all of this inspires me because it gives me ideas in regards to how to approach all of my work, and it is very reassuring because even when I don’t think my work is anything to write home about, it does tell me that I’m on the right track.

My favorite class so far was ART-118 Two-Dimensional Design and Color because as someone who primarily works with sketching, digital work, and graphic design, I found it very fun to experiment with each of the design processes presented in the class. I loved going into each composition without a set-in-stone idea for my designs, and it brought me many welcome surprises. I also loved getting to see how everybody else approached these same concepts and talking to a few of them not only about what I love about their work, but also about their own goals and inspirations for each work they create.

When I’m not in class, I’m usually sketching, playing a game or two on my Switch, talking to my friends, working on other assignments, or taking shifts for my part-time job.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far at Marywood was participating in both the exhibition for Zeta Omicron Kappa Pi and the one for the Shutterbugs Photography Club. Prior to each of them, I have not really exhibited my work, at least not on a grand scale, so finally being able to do it was really exciting.

When I graduate, I want to leave my mark on the world and inspire other artists to be open about their passion for Art.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because there is so much to choose from. Art is a very diverse medium and Marywood offers so much of what makes it overall so great. The professors truly care not just for their work and the Art medium, but also for ensuring that their students walk out of their courses with a wide portfolio and an array of skills and talent.

The best spot to be on campus is the Insalaco Center for Studio Arts. It’s a very calm and relaxing building, with numerous views and places to sit and study. There is also a great arrangement of spectacular artwork and pieces to be found all throughout it.

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