Goodbye Allentown…

The last day of my internship was bittersweet. I was so happy with everything I have done and with all the information I have learned. But, I leave behind all the wonderful people I have met. Everyone that I came in contact with was so friendly and loved art history as much as I did!

For the last few hours we made some prints! I carved out a bee from the block of linoleum. I wasn’t sure how to really do this since I haven’t made one since junior high school. I also only had about 15 minutes to leave so I had to rush! In the end it looks nice and I’m happy about it! I wish I made more time the way to make it perfect. I would of loved if the space around the bee was carved instead of the bee. In the end it looks nice and I’m happy about it!

We also got going away gifts from our mentors. They gave us each a brand new sketch book with a handmade card. It was so sweet and I’ll forever remember my time at the Allentown Art Museum.


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