Relaxing Before the Semester

Relaxing and taking it easy before the semester begins is very important! Once the semester starts, it will be all schoolwork and it will be nonstop until December. So my family and I went to my Aunt and Uncle’s beach house in New Jersey for the weekend!

Sitting on the beach was very refreshing and helped me feel more relaxed about the thought of starting the semester in a few days while taking 18 credits. It’s always good to get away from it all for a little while! When we came back from laying on the beach all day, my aunt asked if I was a big painter. I told her not really, I do most of my work digitally now but I didn’t completely dislike painting. So she told me she had a flower box that was painted yellow and blue. She asked if I could paint a duck on it so it wasn’t so empty looking. I said I would try my best, and it didn’t come out too bad! Since her favorite duck was a mallard, that’s what I ended up painting. She was really happy with it, and once it dried completely, she displayed it in her driveway. I told her to find something else for me to paint for the next time I come visit!

The rest of my short vacation was spent on the beach getting a little sunburned and mentally preparing myself for this semester to begin!

I’m glad I got to escape for a few days, it really helped! Now I think I’m ready for classes to start up!

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