This past week, a few of my friends graduated high school. Unfortunately, I could not make it to one of my friend’s graduation party, so I offered to take photos for her and her other friends instead! I not only was able to make this kind gesture for a friend, but I was able to add these photos to my portfolio, a win-win situation! 😉

We decided to take the photos at the high school around 3 PM. Prior to this, I had never taken pictures for someone like this before. I have had some practice taking outdoor photos of people, but never anything like this. So, I was just a little nervous. But, I was confident enough in my skills that I was sure I could do it. Luckily the weather ended up being perfect, and I mean PERFECT! Sunny with some clouds, and about 75 degrees, we got super lucky. Since this was one of my first shoots, I used the “Unscripted” app. It is a perfect app for beginner photographers or even professional photographers. It provides settings for different environments such as golden hour, full sun, dark interior, or naturally lit interior. You can also keyword search on this app. For example, if you search “Graduation photos” it will show you a bunch of different poses in different lighting from other photographers. It’s basically Pinterest for photographers, it’s great! I really recommend this app if you are just starting out in photography. There are so many fun prompts and it really does spark your imagination and creative side.

I really like how the photos turned out. They really turned out exactly how I wanted them to and I honestly couldn’t be more proud of myself. My friends were also very happy with how they turned out, a win for everyone! I was able to give them a 95 photo gallery and they were ecstatic. I added a few of my favorites below, feel free to check them out!

Thanks, Chloe and Sarah for letting me take these photos! And as always, thank you, guys, for reading! 🙂

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