My younger brother just graduated from high school and there was plenty of material to draw from.

I was sketching in my notebook and found myself finishing what I was drawing. I have been really enjoying the ball point pen. The consistency of the lines are great and it looks sharp against the white paper.

Graduation Stogie

My favorite part of this drawing is the bottom left. A good number of the guys smoked  cigars after graduation. I really like the pose that he is in; focused on getting the perfect light. The hand was a bit difficult to draw, but it came out well. I also spent significantly more time on his head and hand then the rest of his torso. This was because I wanted the focus to be on his face and the lighting of the cigar.


As for the far right, it was a straight on view. This drawing is definitely looser than other. Similarly to the cigar drawing, I spent more time on the face, and placed fewer less distinct lines for the cap and gown.

Graduation Stogie

As for the middle drawing, it did not like how it was coming out, so I left it. I will do more drawings of him and really try to capture his facial expressions better. I may also attempt to put more effort into making the entire drawing detailed, instead of zeroing in on key points.



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