Favorite Spot

The best thing to do in summer, for me, is hiking. My absolutely favorite spot to go to has so many trails, beautiful waterfalls, and relaxing streams.

The specific spot I enjoy is where one of the waterfalls resides. Just within that one area, there are 3 beautiful spots to sit down and enjoy the scenery.

Not many people know about this place, so for the sake of keeping it a hidden spot for people to escape, I will not disclose the information of where the spot is and how to get there, for it would not be fair to all the other people who go there. I will, however, will share photos so you can see just how mesmerizing this whole place is.

No matter how many times I go here, I never tire of it. I have been going here for two years now, and every time I am still in awe at the beauty of everything. I cannot wait to go there even more and travel it further, because there is still so much to see. I am also excited to share more photos with everyone.

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