The PDF And Why You Should Love Them

Hello Lovelies! Happy fourth for all of my fellow Americans! This week I was initially really stuck on what to write for you guys. However, the universe gave me the topic as if it were hitting me with a brick. For those who may not have known I used to work in a print shop. I loved my time there and I learned tons. During my time at the print shop I discovered how important it is to save your file under the right type if you want the best production. Your printer will thank you later. Today I am going to dive into a printers favorite document type… The PDF

The PDF is the most common file type, and it stands for Portable Document Format (PDF). A PDF is always your safest bet when it comes to sending and receiving documents. The PDF is useful when you are trying to send a document that someone who has another operating system such as MAC to PC. PDFs are quite advanced now and can contain buttons, audio, video, links, and form fields. The PDF almost ensures your file will look the way you want it when it gets printed. ( I say almost ensures because colors that are printed almost always looks different from on screen).

The top three reasons you should love PDFS
1.) Saves The Environment – With PDFs there is no reason to print out papers (unless it is legal documents). You can sign

2.) Ensures your message and ideas are coming across – Whether you’re a MAC user or PC, PDFs ensure your document will be exactly the way you intended.

3.) Saves Time – When you send a PDF it makes your printer want to do a little happy on the inside. ( PLEASE make sure your text is converted to outlines, it will save your printer time trying to find the obscure font that was chosen.) If the printer needs to go back into the file to quickly change something, and it was created with Adobe Illustrator, we will be able to open the ai file on our computer unless you have it where we cannot edit it.

Well there you have it, who knew PDFs were so cool? See you lovelies next week!

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