Hey everybody, this past week I traveled to the Hudson Valley region of NY on Halloween to go see the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze. I discovered this hidden gem on Facebook and immediately bought tickets. With over 7,000 hand carved pumpkins (most of them are styrofoam as this event spans the months of October and November), this illuminated display does a great job of incorporating the area’s history with some really beautiful sculptures including a moving windmill, a moving carousel, and a beautiful light show featuring the Cortlandt Manor.

One of my favorite parts was the moving windmill. I took my digital camera and wanted to focus on the bright colors used to light up the pumpkins. Blaze also did a great job of incorporating sound to add to the experience. Upon arrival, there’s a curated winding path that takes you through all of the sculptures and installations.

The Blaze festival also had a really cool constellation tunnel that you walked through. Overhead is a beautiful light show with otherworldly music playing and the light show ended with the image of a jack o’lantern (shown on the right).

There’s so much to talk about with this festival and I’ll include a few more photos below, but this event was honestly one of the most overwhelming and magical pieces of art I’ve ever seen. What was most impressive was their use of the area’s history (pictures of the Cortlandt manor are show below as well as graves of the people who lived there and their inclusion of the legend of Sleepy Hollow), and the use of music to enhance the viewer’s experience. It’s running until the end of November and I strongly urge anybody who can make it to please do yourself a favor and experience Blaze. There’s something for everyone…from sculptures of dinosaurs to skeletons to a mock art exhibit with pumpkin sculptures of famous paintings. It’s nothing like you’ll ever see and is only about 2 hours away from the Scranton area. Have a great week, all!

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