Tactile Appeal

My seed paper journal is finished! Kind of… It was finished and ready for the critique but I wanted to share it with you before I make any revisions. There are some changes I want to make to my label design and some craftmanship details I need to fix on the journal itself when I’m ready to make the final version.

The journal was made with the environment in mind. The brand name is New Leaf and the logo is the recycling symbol with leaves in place of the arrows.

The burlap cover can be reused with page inserts, it can be used to line the pot used to plant the seed paper, and it can also be composted if you don’t have a use for it.

I will be remaking the journal with a more professional approach when it’s time for the senior show but I hope you like what I have to show now!

2 thoughts on “Tactile Appeal

  1. This is such a neat design and concept, I love the use of leaves in place of the arrows. It’s beautiful

    1. Thank you! The original recycling logo was going to be placed on the package to attract buyers but I was inspired by the falling leaves outside and that’s how how the logo for New Leaf came to be!

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