Murals Of Brooklyn

When it comes to making art approachable, the mural does a fantastic job. It serves as a way to not only beautify but to create a sense of community in some cases. Community murals serves as a way to form a collective identity with a group of people. On a recent trip to Brooklyn I saw the use of murals in action: how they form community, how they beautify an area, how they commemorate, and how they assist those in need. 

 The Ingersoll Cornerstone Community Center mural, by Groundswell Mural Project, is a mural in the Forte Green/Downtown Brooklyn neighborhood. These neighborhoods carry a rich and diverse history, and through this community garden mural, artists were able to depict this history to those in the community. The bright colors and bold design beautify the neighborhood while the collective history draws the community closer. 

Open Your Wings is a child care center in Brooklyn with a focus on movement and art. This center has great murals of insect wings such as butterflies and dragonflies.  Not only does it provide a fun experience for the children to interact with, but it also allows those passing by to interact as well. While promoting creativity, it also promotes interaction within the community. 

The final mural that I came across while visiting Brooklyn was actually one of several within the city, and so I struggled to find the artists name. This piece talks about the very important issue of gun violence. Benjamin C. O’Garro was a man killed through an act of gun violence. There are many different memorial murals throughout the city that bring light to him and the cases of gun control. 

Murals are a great way to promote a message within a community, create a unified identity, and add beauty to neighborhoods. If you ever find yourself in brooklyn make sure to go and check out all of the wonderful murals.


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