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Last week I talked about a project in my Green Piece art history/studio art class that we were assigned, the capstone project. This week my group and I were able to come up with some ideas for what we wanted to do for our campus eco art project. The project needs to deliver an ecological message, be environmental friendly, raise public awareness, and more. The message we want to deliver to viewers is how coal mining affects the lungs and shortens the person’s lifespan. There are actually multiple coal mines in the Scranton area and it doesn’t only affect the person who is mining but also the people who are just minding their own business. Land can collapse because of the mines causing damage.

Therefore, our plan is to craft lungs out of fabric and have one show the effects of coal mining while the other is a healthy lung. We want the lungs to come out of a tree, connected to the roots, so the tree is giving the lungs life. We have not decided on a place and a tree to do it on yet, but I did find one next to the chapel on campus that looks like it will work for us. Other then that we don’t have many supplies to get. We plan on using tree branches, leaves, nuts, flowers, and whatever else we find to help show which lung is the one affected by the coal and which is not.

This week I also have a class field trip in Green Piece. We are going to go the Everhart Museum in downtown Scranton, and then to Nay Aug Park. I don’t know exactly what we are going to do yet on the trip but I’m excited to find out!

Also this week, I appreciated Marywood so much more then I did already. I went to Penn State main campus to see my boyfriend and the amount of walking we did was ridiculous. To get to his dorm to the nearest food service place on his campus was at least a 15 minute walk and the next food service place was at least a 20 minute walk. I felt like walking was going to be the death of me, all I wanted was food. At Marywood, by contrast, a student can get anywhere within 5 minutes, and living at the Woodlands Apartments, I am only a minute away from food and some of my classes. Also Marywood is by far the prettiest campus compared to Penn State. We did go to a pumpkin festival on the campus arboretum which was really pretty and I got some nice pictures while I was there. That was also a 20 minute walk, uphill, from where I was so I did not appreciate that. I do plan to visit again and visit the Palmer Museum of Art that they have on campus. I did not think of going until the last day and it was too late to go.

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