Another Perspective

Sometimes you need to step away from project and get a new perspective

Sometimes you need to step away from project and get a new perspective. Changing angles or points of reference can help when trying to decide what to do next.

Over fall break I took a few photographs of my sister for a project where we had to have a person in the photograph but not have them as the subject of the picture. It changed the way that each photo was taken. Instead of having her facing me, I tried to capture more of her surroundings like the bench and plants around her. As I traveled around her to find a different view, I found that I didn’t have to have her face in the picture to include her. Each direction I stood in had a different perspective and various subjects that were not completely the same.

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If you stay in one place for too long, you may lose out on the opportunity to find another perspective of your next work of art. When photographing something, you can move farther away, move closer, crouch down, or stand on something to get another angle you might not have thought about. For three dimensional figures such as a sculpture, you may mold a figure in a sloppy way to point you in a direction you may want to go. Paintings can always be painted over and mistakes can turn into happy accidents. Even digital pieces can be given a new shape, all you have to do is experiment.

Whatever you do with your work, there is always a way to gain a new perspective. Finding another perspective can help change a piece you may be stumped by. A change in perspective may be what you need for your ongoing project to be complete.

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