Green Piece

Green Piece: Art and Nature in America

I think it is safe to say Green Piece: Art and Nature in America is my favorite class so far this semester at Marywood. Even though I have only had the class for two weeks now, I am in love! The course is instructed by Pamela Parsons and Dr. Linda Partridge. I must say they are fabulous! They both show such great knowledge and passion towards the course and it is great to sense that. Their knowledge and passion really makes the course more exciting for me. The best part is my expectation of the course was completely different to what the course is actually about!

I simply thought the course was about artists who were inspired by nature and created works based upon that but I have discovered that some artists use the actual land and the environment. Art is not the only aspect being expressed either; historical, philosophical, and scientific context come into play as well. The purpose of the art is to educate and inform, show off the beauty, expose environmental issues, heal and reclaim and utilize natural elements. The art is created to be eco-friendly and help the environment.

The course is highly inspirational and I cannot wait for future classes to come!

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