Your Comfort Zone

Creating Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zones, there is a reason why they’re called this; because we are comfortable with knowing what we know. Sometimes though we need to reach beyond those zones to learn or create something that we may end up loving.

I should really listen to myself. I am one to stay in my comfort zone and only venture out a little. This year I have made it a priority to start going out of my comfort zone and to experience, try, research all new different styles of art to improve what I create. Research I think is important for artists and designers because you want to learn more about what you are making and what has already been created so that you don’t create the same work. In past semesters I have researched but not as much as I would have liked too. So this semester I have been taking a challenge of trying to create work that falls out of my comfort zone by doing my research, sketching more, and thinking outside the box.

So far it has been working, and hopefully I can continue this throughout the rest of school and my career after I graduate.

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