Group Project

As an artist, and designer, that’s just starting out, most of our classwork is autonomous. This is mostly because you need to grow in your own style and learn the skills of an artist before you can take your knowledge to a group setting. But now, as a junior, my peers and I have done a lot of skill learning, and group work is the next step in our learning process.

This group project was in Communication and Conceptual Design. Everyone brought a game idea to the group, and then we voted on the concepts we liked the most. The creator of the games chosen would then be the Art Directors of the project, and the rest of us chose which game we wanted to help design. I chose a card game, Guess the Artist. The concept is that you have cards with modern art on the front and you have to guess the artist that created the piece.

I was assigned to do the cards for the game. But, first we needed to pick about 50 pieces of art from 20-ish artists. That was broken up within the group, and took the longest time. I then brought all the pictures into illustrator. I wanted the pictures to be covering the whole card on one side, and have a frame with the art and artist’s names. Here are a sample of the deck.

guess the artist

I can say I enjoyed doing a group project in my design class. It was nice to work on an idea that was decided by someone else, and to just do my part and make it match. Rather than on individual projects you are always the concept maker, art director, and executioner. Hopefully there will be more opportunities like this in coming semesters!

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