Jewelry Making

Hello everyone! Over the past few months I have been delving into jewelry making, more specifically polymer clay earrings. I did not have much prior knowledge about the medium, but I was willing and ready to learn! I mainly use Fimo Polymer Clay for making the earrings.

I start by rolling and working out the polymer clay until it is malleable. I prefer to use an acrylic rolling pin because there is less chance of the clay sticking to the rolling pins surface. Depending on the design I want to make I may create a design from a slab of clay and cut that out using shaped cutters or a precision knife. The slab method allows you to create an entire scene, pattern or texture across and wide surface. Depending on what part of the design you want on the earring will determine where you will cut out your shape.

Another technique I use is just making the shapes by hand. I will use the aid of shaped cutters to make cleaner cuts, but I tend to just use a precision knife. The first shape I tend to use a shaped cutter and build on it with different elements. When I am making earrings I tend to put on my favorite music and just create. I try not to think about it too much and have fun. I have the “too much gene” where I never know when to stop working, but when I am making earrings all that type of thinking goes away. Earrings are also one of my favorite accessories, which makes being able to make my own even more great!

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