Growing My Prints

Hi everyone! This week I’m working on another drypoint project in my Printmaking class! This time we’re working in color! I’m having a lot of fun with it, so I’ll walk you through my process!

I made tons of sketches, trying to think what I would want to do for the second printmaking project of the semester. I wanted to make it mean something to me, so it would be fun to work with. I also wanted to jump out of my comfort zone this semester, and it’s a little uncomfortable! However, I like where that is taking me.

So, I etched a female figure into the plexiglass and thought to myself “how can I make this different?” I was already out of my comfort zone because I usually don’t draw figures, but I’m trying to more. I thought I could draw flowers coming out of her head, as sort of a symbol to mental growth. The figure (sort of) represents me and how I’ve grown mentally over the past year, so I actually really enjoyed working with it.

I made a few prints only in black and white, and so far have made 3 in color. I was getting a little frustrated with how small I made the flowers on her head, as they were hard to put the color into without going outside of the lines. I sort of went with the “messy” watercolor look after a few failed attempts at keeping the color contained. Overall, I am looking forward to making a few more prints and seeing where else I can put the color!

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