The Met: Obsession

In the midst of this week I’ve been looking into finding art exhibits that interest me in order to plan some fall excursions.

While in school, I prefer not to make a day out of things since schoolwork and actual work already take up a large portion of my time, but I came across an exhibit at the Met Breuer that has interested me in taking a trip before it’s over.

The exhibit is titled Obsession: Nudes by Klimt, Schiele, and Picasso and is on display through October 7th, 2018. The collection is made up of some fifty works from the Met’s Scofield Thayer Collection . The collection is most famously known for the paintings by artists of the school of Paris. As described by the Met, the collection is, “a brilliant group of erotic and evocative watercolors, drawings, and prints whose subjects, except for a handful, are nudes.”

The great thing about the Met is that it is ridiculously accessible for students. With a student I.D. you can expose yourself to thousands of literal masterpieces for the price of $12.00. If this particular exhibit doesn’t interest you look at the Met’s calendar and find one that resonates with you.

What intrigues me about the collection is not any one individual’s work but rather the three artists being shown together as a collection. I couldn’t have said it better than writer Will Heinrich who explains in his review saying, “setting aside who comes out the best individually, though, the three artists do make a trio as neat as any geometry lesson, with Picasso’s unerring sense of the human body as a mass in space, Klimt’s fixation on gauzy planes and surfaces and Schiele’s potent, monomaniac line. The way the three men depicted women’s also reads as an illuminating stand-in for the way that, as artists, they saw the world in general.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the exhibit click the link below:

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