Thinking Ahead

This week has been filled with homework and studying. As a senior, the pressure of succeeding as never been so high and intense!

I have started a search for art administration jobs all over just so I can see what each one is looking for. Most of them say a masters is preferred or even required. Luckily I am looking into grad school too! I am not sure where I would be after graduating so I found an art administration program at Drexel University, and its all online which means I can work on it on my time while also having a full time job and traveling if I wanted to. There is so much I want to do but even though I am in my early twenties it feels like I do not have much time left to make life choices.

In a past post, I talked about my E-Portfolio. I think having one on a resume really sticks out to employers. When having a resume workshop at my internship at Allentown Art Museum they said how its a cool way to show my personality and also my projects I worked on while in college. I haven’t updated it since I finished my summer internship but hopefully I will have some free time during the semester to do so!

There is so much to think about. If anyone knows any tips or has any advice for seniors I would love to hear it!


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