Guess Where I’m At

Whether you are all over social media or not, I’m sure you are aware of the app Snapchat, where you can snap photos of yourself to let people know what you’re up to. Recently, Geofilters have been the latest filter to add to these quick snaps, letting people know what location you are at and maybe a landmark you’re near. I have been really fascinated by these, especially as a graphic designer because it is like a logo design for each state and city! How cool?telaviv

What intrigued me the most, was that now there have also been new Geofilters for special occasions like graduations and weddings. These are cool because you yourself can design any kind of filter for any location you want, with your own personalized touch! It is fairly easy to do this, and when you use it you can let all your closest friends and family where you are at, and what event or place you’re attending that day.

Geofilters are a great way to test the waters as an artist and design it to however you would like, and for something you could actually use yourself!

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