Branching Out

As an art major, I feel it’s important to branch out and try many different forms of art. What I like about taking classes at Marywood is that your first year within the art school is all about foundations. Every art student is required to take a few drawing classes, a 2D and 3D design class, and some are required to take painting.

At first all of these extra classes seemed like a waste because everyone is so eager to jump right into their own mediums. I personally just wanted to jump into the computer labs and get to work; However, taking those other classes were extremely important, and gave me the opportunity to try new mediums and techniques that I never would have used before.

I learned that I don’t like drawing figures very much, but that I really enjoy color theory. I also learned that plaster is extremely difficult to work with, but that working with clay is actually really soothing for me.

Without taking these various classes I never would have figured these things out. Branching out and trying a bunch of different mediums can be a lot of fun, and even if you don’t enjoy everything you do, they’re still good experiences to have.

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