Halloween in July

It’s finally July! We’re about 4 months away from HALLOWEEN which means cooler weather, beautiful autumn scenes, and scary haunted attractions! Just like a lot of people, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I love celebrating it! I also love creating wacky pumpkins to put on display! I’m not very good at carving pumpkins (I didn’t clean a carved out pumpkin right, and I found it covered in mold the next morning!) but I do enjoy using clay to sculpt on them!

Now, I am an amateur sculptor, but here is the process I went through to create my first ever sculpted pumpkin, my dragon egg! I wanted the pumpkin to be an egg, and I wanted to have a baby dragon hatching out of it. I started by finding a fairly large pumpkin with a long stem. I then used tin foil to sculpt a dragon shaped skull and neck, and attached it to the stem of the pumpkin. I used air dry clay (which now I don’t recommend for bigger stuff like this, because once it dried it started to crack and break very easily!) to sculpt around the tin foil and made a dragon head. I also used wire to make horns on the dragon’s head, and to create the wings. Tissue paper was also used for the wings. Once everything was dry, I chose a few colors and started painting the dragon (I used acrylic paint). I liked how it turned out, but sadly it fell apart a few days later! At least I got a nice picture of it.

Finished dragon pumpkin!

The next year, I decided to be a little more realistic…..in a sense. I chose to sculpt a lab rat on top of a bloody, scratched up pumpkin. This pumpkin was supposed to be gouged out and scratched up, unfortunately that was the moldy pumpkin incident I was talking about above. So instead, I just painted it. This time around, I used sculpy clay, and it worked a lot better than whatever brand I used the year before (it was something cheap, I want to say it was crayola).

Lab rat pumpkin

Well, I can’t wait to see what Halloween 2018’s pumpkin will look like, stay tuned in October!

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