This has been, by far, my favorite graphic design project that I have done here at Marywood. I have always loved typography and doing hand lettering, and this current project for my Advanced Typography class is honestly the best thing ever to me. Our instructions were very simple, to pick a quote or song lyric, hand draw the words, and then edit and refine them in the computer.

When I first started the project I took some inspiration from our daily hand-lettering warmups. Every class we take the first 15 minutes to draw the word or phrase we choose from a little mug. In the beginning of the year we started off simple with a small word or even a letter to draw, and now we are at the point of multiple words and phrases.

I sketched out a bunch of different designs and went over them with sharpie to give them a more bold feel so that it will be easier to trace them in the computer. I also thought it would be cool to add a watercolor background so I found this free vector shape online which I thought matched perfectly with my design!

After sketching this quote out about a million different ways, this is the final product I came up with. I’m actually really happy with how this turned out, and I want to sketch even more quotes and edit them like this in the future! I am even thinking about taking some of these styles and turning them into fonts!!


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