Adventure In Prompton

This weekend my dad took me to take photographs in Prompton, PA (a borough in Wayne County), or the Prompton Dam to be more specific. I am still in the process of adding photographs to my landscape project in my Color Photography II class. I don’t really know this area too well, so what better person to take me to good landscape spots than someone who grew up in this area, my dad.

This time around, I was focusing more on the exposures of my photographs. I also brought a tripod this time, after multiple times of my professor telling me to bring it. A tripod is probably a key component of landscape photography. It helps keep your photograph sharp and if you wanted to create a panorama using a tripod is the only way you can guarantee that the panorama will come out correctly. Let’s just say my professor may have been right.

After using the tripod, my photographs came out to be more sharp than when I don’t use a tripod. I also tried making some of photographs darker so that while post-processing them I could make them have an eery feeling, almost like Elliot Porter.

Even though I came to Prompton for landscape photographs, I came across some friendly animals that I couldn’t not pet. The first animal was a dog, named Zeus, who happened to just decide to wonder off his property and take stroll down the street. Luckily, he came right up to me and my dad and I were able to bring him home. The other animal was a really big, friendly cat. The cat was at the end of the lake in Prompton, catching some rays before the sun went down. The cat was so friendly, he/she kept following me when I was trying to leave. I always knew that I had a secret power that makes all animals like me!

So at the end of this adventure, I ended up with some great photographs and got to meet some new furry friends in the process.

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