Hand Painted Pumpkin Decor

Fall is here, whether the weather shows it or not.  Although the chill in the air from last week is long gone, fall activities are in full swing!  This weekend I went to Roba’s Family Farm twice, and I plan on going plenty more this season.  I love fall activities! Especially when I get to incorporate art into them!

On Friday I picked out two little white pumpkins and a larger one to decorate with my gold oil-based Sharpie.  I love those pens and use them every chance I get.  I was so excited to decorate my pumpkins, that I did it that night! The Sharpie pens worked well with the pumpkin and are easily controlled to get the exact effect you’re looking for- just watch out because if you press too hard they run!

On Saturday, I went up to the farm with my boyfriend and his family.  Watching his niece and nephew try to pick out the best pumpkins in the patch was priceless!

Kids in the Pumpkin Patch

We found some good ones but are going to carve them when it gets closer to Halloween.  Here are the ones we picked out, add a comment down below if you have any suggestions on what we should carve!

Pumpkins From Patch

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