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This week, I went back to traditional painting. In my Painting II class, we’ve been working on interior/exterior painting, and we looked at some of Richard Diebenkorn’s work for inspiration. The longest part for me (on a project like this) is picking a location. I take my time and stop to look at each potential location. It usually takes me a while to find a spot where I think the composition works best but I want to make sure I find a different spot. I always go somewhere I haven’t gone yet, trying to find new little places around the art buildings. If I happen to be stuck in the same area I was before I look for a new angle on it and see how I can show it in a different way.

I started with a two colored value under painting, finding all of the darks and the lights within the composition. From there I began to use my palette knife to layer colors on top of it. However, when I came back the next day I decided to simply use my brush and thin the paint down a little. I really liked laying blocks of color in for the floor; I think it captured the lighting nicely. I wanted to keep the painting loose and just block everything down as quickly as possible.

I liked using thinned down paint on top of the underpainting as well. It allowed the underpainting to show through in a different way than when I use my palette knife. Overall, I’m quite happy with the way the painting turned out. It’s different from my other paintings, but it was fun to try something new. I really like the almost sketchy quality to it. 

Until next week!


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