HAPPY New Year

Well, we’ve made it to 2017. Happy New Year!! Many people make new year’s resolutions, whether it be to lose weight, live a healthier life style etc. Whatever the goal may be, this is the time of fresh starts, of new beginnings.

I usually set a few goals for myself around this time but I find that after a few weeks it all fades. So, this year I’m not “going to start a new diet”, or “learn to play the saxophone”, I have no specific plans but my ultimate goal is to be happy. I told myself, if it makes you happy then do it! We’re only a few days into the new year but I’ve already started.

If you know me, then you know I love hiking! So this morning I decided to take a stroll on this trail near my house…

This is just one of the things I enjoy, and I intend to continue on this road to happiness. I urge everyone to give it a try!

Have a HAPPY new year!!

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