Head Planters

Hey everyone! For the past week, I have been studying more about head planters (pots with faces on them) and observing about the different facial expressions. In the previous week, I talked about it a little bit about it and I accomplished one head planter successfully. However, I wasn’t all the way pleased with the final result, so that is why I took initiative to take a step back and observe the face structures more. I created a variety of sketches of facial structures and I am thinking about bringing them to life. On the other hand, I am going to move forward with making smiley faces for the head planters. I believe they are more uplifting for people’s spirits and it can reflect one’s mood. I have been thinking about making a gift for my father and I am thinking about surprising my father with a personal Buddha head planter. Something similar to this:

This week it’s going to be busy for me! Despite of having other classes and tests I have to take, I am determined to accomplish a least three various head planters. Stay tuned!

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