Metal Manipulation

This past week in my jewelry class we were given the task of raising copper tubes. One had to be synclastic raised, which is when the curve goes with the bend of the metal, the other had to be anticlastic, which goes against the curve of the metal. This is a technique my class will need for a later assignment and is a good way for us to prepare for it as well. This project involved lots of hammering and heating of the copper. It was time consuming but it was necessary to get the copper to form the correct way.

I struggled with raising the copper tubes because they got work hardened quickly. Also the solder seems on the tubes split opened after a certain point. So in order to continue hammering I had to solder the two ends back together. Once I got to a point where I was satisfied with the forms I made sure they were clean. I also filed the solder joints so that it looked a little smoother on the outside. I’m nervous about forming again because the metal can split even if it’s not a solder seem but hopefully I can get better at it and it will turn out ok.

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