Healing Concert

On March 27, 2022, Marywood University hosted the very first Healing Concert organized and run by a collaboration between Marywood’s orchestra, music therapy group, and art therapy students. This event was created to celebrate the healing powers of art and music with the community.

A group of art therapy student volunteers helped facilitate a portion of the event where attendees were invited to create art in response to a piece of music performed by the orchestra. The facilitators helped to organize and prepare the event, facilitate and assist during the event, and answer questions and assist in the art making during the concert.

As an attendee and art therapy facilitator at this event, I can personally speak to how incredibly powerful and enjoyable the concert was. Everyone involved was extremely passionate about making it the best event it could be and it was a really great experience to see the positive effects that music and art can have on individuals.

Some photos from the event can be seen below including images of the event space, art made by attendees, and the art therapy facilitators.

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