Philadelphia Street in Black and White

Hello Everyone! On April first, the Art Department planned a bus trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia. I had a wonderful time going and seeing the beautiful building and the wonderful artifacts and of course the amazing paintings and other mediums of art! During the time of the trip, I had time to go out and explore the streets of Philadelphia! I was able to capture great moments on my walk! All images are in Black and White because when looking at them they seem have a story behind them all!

Image one: this was taken outside of the museum by the Rocky statue. When walking past I saw a line of people going up getting an selfie or kids getting pictures with it. I also saw these two men one leaning up against the fence and the other on the grass. I wasn’t going to take their picture but looking at the scene more waiting for the cross walk to turn green I decided to take a quick picture and run across to catch up with my friends. I wasn’t sure if I got a good image after being quick, but I was happy I was able to get a perfect image! I loved how detailed everything is, and how well, in my opinion, captures city life!

Image Two

Image two: I am very lucky I was able to capture this perfect moment of this kid doing a trick on his skateboard in front of the massive statue! I wasn’t sure if I got it, or it was going to be too out of focus, but when looking at it one my computer, I was truly happy!

Image three
Image three: This image was a quick snapshot. When walking behind this lady and her dog, the dog saw us and of course I couldn’t help myself and talk to the dog distantly. So I took some pictures of this scene, and I found this image to be very successful because I love how the dog is positioned and looking at me directly while the woman is still looking forward. The lighting perfectly highlighting the dog and portion of the side walk. I showed this image to one of my Photography professors, and the one thing he mentioned that I thought was funny was, “The lady looks like she is dressed in a different time, not like modern time.” And so the more I look at it, I have to agree with him.
image Four
Image four: This image I find to be an interesting image because I was very hesitant to take a picture of this man sitting on the chair, but I told myself why not! But seeing it how it came out, I enjoy looking a it! I love how the chairs are in a line leading to the man sitting, and in the background you se a couple just walking and the a lady just sitting there and looking at me! I love this photo in black and white because doesn’t seem busy. As in color, all the chairs were red and everything else were bright colors, lit up and it seemed too much, I felt it took away what was I was truly focusing.
Image five

Image five: This image I took while I was walking. I specifically walked slow because I was waiting for the man to come in perfect spot through the window. I am doing a big project for my History of Photography class, where we have to research a famous Photographer and I’m researching Vivian Maier. When I was looking through her images, there was one that has always caught my eye, March 1954, New York, NY. It’s an image of a News paper / magazine stand and she captured the man inside sleeping. When I saw this stand it automatically reminded me of her, so I wanted to capture it in modern but my style and this images says it all!

Image Six
Image Six: Me and my friends were walking around the Reading Terminal Market, finding something to eat for lunch. When walking I passed this sign that said, ” Don’t Make me Release the Flying Monkeys ” I found this very funny. So i had to take a picture of it! But the more I looked at the image I saw potential. Because when you look at it, you can see the surroundings and all the materials used to make the food being served, and I was able to perfectly get the one worker washing her hands in the frame.
Image Seven
Image Seven: When walking back to the museum, we passed a man going to the Reading Terminal Market, and I didn’t take a picture of him because I didn’t see potential. But on the way back I saw a different perspective of him! I was able to get close and compose my image. I have this same image in color but seeing in black and white it made it interesting, because I feel this makes a perfect captured moment in time image, A man painting what to be sheds. And when looking a this image you see leading lines and a-lot of geometric shapes!
Image Eight
Image Eight: As for this is the last image, this was another image that I truly didn’t think of taking a picture of. But again my instinct told me to take the picture anyway! As we we were waiting for the light to turn green for us to walk. I thought it would be interesting to capture these people also waiting to walk across. The surroundings of the cross walk leading towards them, the signs and the trees make it a unique image especially in black and white!

I hope you enjoy seeing all the images I took and the story / thoughts behind every image. I truly had a great time walking around the city as I have never been to Philadelphia. It was a great experience to explore new places and photograph the journey!

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