Heavy Bag

I took the sketch that I had done in my sketchbook from last weeks post and digitalized it.

This drawing was rough, cross-hatching shadows and laying in the darks and lights. My Grandfather pictured here, is throwing punches and I get a sense of movement; rather than a static pose.


Digitalizing it in a similar fashion as my fly fishing drawings, I adjusted the colors to make it more appealing to the eye. The mustard yellow background contrasts the bright of his sweatshirt and the dark blue of his jeans.

An improvement that I can make is to make him less static. I feel I succeeded with movement in the sketch, but not so much the digital version. He is still seen throwing punches, but I could go back and make his legs more bent and the strings on his sweatshirt “alive”

Untitled 4.png

Overall, I like the digital version, but I am far more satisfied with my original sketch.

My takeaways from this activity is;

  1. Focus on movement
    1. Although capturing a moment in time, make it seem like it is playing in front of you.
      1. Bent legs
      2. Sweatshirt strings
      3. Angle the punching bag more
  2. Color
    1. Contrasting color
    2. Highlights and Shadows

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