Still Life

After taking a break from oil paints since using them for the first time in January, I decided this past weekend that I wanted to attempt using the paints on my own terms outside of a structured class.

I first found that finding a subject to paint is half the battle. I feel that as an artist, I always view the world with a never ending notepad of ideas in hand. I think that there is so many ways to observe nature, people and inanimate objects as inspiration for your next masterpiece.

What I finally decided on was the not so original idea of flowers. Yes, we have seen it thousands of times, over and over again but what I wanted to focus on was building the shapes and to also work with the edges and contour of overlapping petals and leaves.

Setting up my still life was simple in terms of composition because I picked three of the same object in which I used to emphasize repetition.

And while this piece is not finished yet, I found that the most challenging aspect of this painting was being able to step away from the painting and to just observe the objects in order to grasp what my painting was missing.

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