Summer Camp

This summer I have been working at a camp with fifth grade kids. Over the weeks I have noticed that some of the girls like to draw, so I have been having a lot of fun giving them tips and little mini drawing lessons.

My favorite thing to draw when I was a kid was peoples faces, so I have been showing the kids how to get the right proportions. things like making sure the eyes are in the middle of the face instead of on the forehead, and making noses that don’t look like triangles. I have had to go through the steps many times, but a few of them have gotten really into it and are really focused and determined. They are doing such a great job.

Unfortunately I forgot to get pictures of the face drawings, but I did get a picture of a bird drawing that I did with one of the girls. The first paper is my example where I used a black marker to show her the basic shapes, and the second is her finished drawing. She couldn’t decide what colors to make it so I showed her pictures of my pet bird Chico and she drew him. When she started adding color I gave her some tips on how to make a feather texture.

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